WebFPGA Synthesis Made Simple


WebFPGA is a remote synthesis and simulation framework for FPGAs.

Common manufacturers of FPGAS provide synthesis toolchains already, however they are often cumbersome because of large disk-space requirements (typically >20 GB) and intense computation requirements. Most lightweight laptops cannot perform this kind of processing efficiently, without slowing down the computer, taking an absurdly long amount of time, or draining the battery. icestorm is a fantastic open-source synthesis toolchain, however when it comes to niche hardware, nothing beats the native toolchains provided by Xilinx, Lattice, Altera, etc.

WebFPGA is a remote wrapper around these powerful and complex toolchains. Simply feed it your hardware description in Verilog source files and about a minute later it will return a synthesised bitstream, ready for flashing! (VHDL will be supported in the future).

WebFPGA is an Auburn Ventures project.

The founders are:

  • Ryan Jacobs (ryan@rmj.us) - Software Lead
  • Mick Jacobs (mick@auburnventures.com) - Hardware Lead